Bike Rider Required for Supermarket in Dubai on urgent basis 2024

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Postion Title:

Bike Rider


Food & Packaged Food


Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



4000 AED - 5000 AED

Skills & Abilities

Time management
Customer service

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Bike Rider:


1-2 years


Valid driver’s license for motorcycle/scooter

The life of a bike rider in Dubai's bustling supermarkets is far more than just delivering groceries. As they weave through the city's lively streets, their responsibilities extend beyond simply navigating the roads. They must also be keen observers, attentive to the ever-changing traffic conditions and skilled at maneuvering through crowded avenues with finesse.

Not only do these riders need to possess expert knowledge of the city's various neighborhoods and routes, but they also act as brand ambassadors, representing their supermarket with each delivery. Courteous interaction with customers and a friendly disposition are crucial for fostering a positive image for the supermarket they represent. In essence, being a bike rider in Dubai requires not only physical agility but also an understanding of customer service that goes beyond simply transporting goods.

Additionally, these riders often act as the eyes and ears of their respective supermarkets, providing valuable feedback on popular products or customer preferences that can directly impact sales strategies. It’s clear that this role is not just about completing deliveries; it’s about embodying professionalism, attentiveness, and efficiency to ensure an exceptional customer experience every time.

How to Apply

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