277+ Skilled Labour Jobs Opportunities in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its booming economy and diverse job market, offering numerous opportunities for skilled labor professionals. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for skilled trades in various sectors, including construction, engineering, IT, creative arts, hospitality, healthcare, and environmental services.

Latest Skilled Labour Jobs 👇

Guest Services Executive ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Hostess ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Hostess ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Tailor ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Storekeeper ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Warehouse Supervisor ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Bike Delivery Boy ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Florist ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Order Taker ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Warehouse Staff ( 2-5 ) Apply Now
Cargo Staff ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Room Attendant ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Customer Service Representative ( 2-5 ) Apply Now
Beautician ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Real Estate Agent ( 2-5 ) Apply Now
Warehouse Assistant ( 2-5 ) Apply Now
Logistic Coordinator ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Bus Attendant ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Delivery ( 1-2 ) Apply Now
Visa Consultant ( 1-2 ) Apply Now

Industries for Skilled Labour in the UAE:

  1. Oil and Gas: This is a big deal here. They need people for everything - coming up with ideas, designing stuff, building it, managing it, and keeping things running.

  2. Marine Industry: With more boats and ships around, they need folks who know their way around the water.

  3. Construction: Think skyscrapers and futuristic buildings. Yeah, they've been growing like crazy since the 1960s.

Skills that Matter:

  1. Electrician: If you can fix electrical things, they want you.

  2. Plumber: Water systems need experts too.

  3. HVAC Technician: Keeping things cool or warm? They need you.

  4. Landscape Designer: Making the outdoors look good is a job here.

  5. Hospitality Manager: If you're good at running things in hotels and such, you're in demand.

  6. Chef: Love cooking? This is your chance.

  7. Makeup Artist: They love looking good at events, so makeup artists are in demand.

  8. Beauty Therapist: Pampering is a big thing here. If you're into beauty treatments, they want you too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What are the top industries for skilled jobs in the UAE?

    • Oil and gas, marine, and construction are the big shots.
  2. What skills are in demand?

    • Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, landscape designers, hospitality managers, chefs, makeup artists, and beauty therapists are all hot.
  3. How do I find a skilled job in the UAE?

    • Look on job sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn or check out special job platforms like Qureos.
  4. What's cool about working there?

    • Good pay, chances to climb the career ladder, and a lively work environment.
  5. What's not so cool?

    • Adjusting to a new workplace, language barriers, and keeping up with local rules can be a bit tricky.