Dubai Taxi Drivers is Responsible for providing transportation services to passengers

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Postion Title:

Taxi Drivers




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



3500 AED - 4000 AED

Skills & Abilities

Exceptional knowledge of Dubai
Quick thinking under pressure
Knowledge of Dubai roads

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Taxi Drivers:


1-2 years


A valid driver’s license

In the bustling city of Dubai, taxi drivers play a crucial role in keeping the wheels of transportation spinning smoothly. Not only are they responsible for ferrying passengers from A to B, but their job responsibilities extend far beyond simply driving. One key aspect of a taxi driver’s role is being knowledgeable about the city's landmarks, attractions, and even the latest events happening around town. They need to be up-to-date with important information such as road closures and alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations promptly.

Another significant responsibility that falls on the shoulders of Dubai's taxi drivers is maintaining a welcoming and courteous demeanor towards passengers. Providing excellent customer service is vital for creating a positive experience for riders. From offering assistance with luggage to helping individuals with disabilities access the vehicle comfortably, taxi drivers need to display empathy and willingness to go above and beyond. Additionally, they must possess strong communication skills in order to understand passengers' requests and respond appropriately while maintaining professionalism throughout every interaction.

Moreover, part of a taxi driver's job description involves ensuring passenger safety at all times. Besides securely maneuvering through heavy traffic or inclement weather conditions, these professionals must be skilled defensive drivers ready to handle any unexpected situations that may arise on the road. Maintaining their vehicles in optimal condition also plays an essential role in passenger safety; it includes regular maintenance checks such as timely oil changes, tire rotations, or brake inspections.

How to Apply

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