Head Barista, Senior Barista, Junior Barista Jobs in Dubai UAE

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Postion Title:

Head Barista, Senior Barista, Junior Barista


Private Company





Expiry Date:



2000 AED - 4000 AED

Skills & Abilities

Attention to Details
Good Communication Skills

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Head Barista, Senior Barista, Junior Barista:




High School Diploma
  1. Leadership and Training: Head Baristas oversee the entire barista team. They train new baristas, set the standard for coffee preparation, and coach staff on customer service excellence.
  2. Coffee Expertise: They are the coffee guru! Head Baristas have in-depth knowledge of coffee beans, brewing techniques, and coffee art (latte art). They may source new coffee beans, develop new drink recipes, and maintain coffee quality control.
  3. Inventory Management: Keeping the shop stocked with coffee beans, syrups, milk, and other supplies is crucial. Head Baristas manage inventory levels, place orders, and ensure everything is fresh and up-to-date.
  4. Operations Management: Head Baristas schedule staff, oversee daily operations, and maintain a clean and efficient work environment. They may also handle cash flow and administrative tasks.
  5. Senior Barista:
  6. Senior Baristas are the experienced veterans behind the counter. They are skilled in all aspects of coffee preparation and customer service.
  7. Coffee Craftsmanship: Senior Baristas can consistently prepare high-quality espresso drinks, brew various coffee styles, and operate all coffee machines with expertise.
  8. Customer Service Champions: They provide excellent customer service, answering questions about coffee options, making recommendations, and ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  9. Mentorship: Senior Baristas can coach and train junior baristas, sharing their knowledge and experience to help them develop their skills. They may also assist the Head Barista with training programs.
  10. Efficiency Experts: Senior Baristas can work quickly and efficiently during peak hours, manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and prioritize orders to keep wait times low.
  11. Junior Barista:
  12. Junior Baristas are the enthusiastic newcomers to the coffee world. They are eager to learn and develop their barista skills.
  13. Learning the Ropes: Junior Baristas receive training on coffee brewing methods, espresso machine operation, and steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos. They learn customer service etiquette and cashier procedures.
  14. Building a Foundation: They practice preparing basic coffee drinks under the guidance of senior and head baristas. They learn how to clean and maintain coffee equipment and follow all safety protocols.
  15. Customer Interaction: Junior Baristas greet customers, take orders, and operate the cash register with guidance. They build confidence in interacting with customers and learn to answer basic coffee-related questions.

Job Benefits

As Per UAE Law
Company Visa

How to Apply

If you want to apply for Head Barista, Senior Barista, Junior Barista Positon in the United Arab Emirates, please contact the employer on the given contact information below. Always provide accurate and up-to-date CV so that the selection chances become high:

  • Employer : Confidential
  • Address: Dubai UAE
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