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Latest Top 5 High Paying Jobs in Dubai for Freshers 👇

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No one is born with experience. Experience is earned through work. But as a fresher, how can you get jobs in Dubai to earn some work experience? Well, there are still many jobs in the market that require no experience. 

Are you also one of those people who are looking for high paying jobs in Dubai for freshers? 

Here is the good news for you. In this blog post, you will find 5 high-paying jobs in Dubai for freshers that require no experience. Find the one suitable for you among these. 

1. Air Traffic Controllers 

Average Income: 10,000-13,000 AED Monthly 

The air traffic controller is a respectable job and requires great responsibility as well. Even though as a fresher you can work as an air traffic controller in Dubai. 

The key duty of an air traffic controller is to monitor and direct the movements of flights within a specific boundary. 

Although this job does not require any experience, you may have to complete a basic graduate degree or relevant courses to get these kinds of jobs in Dubai. 

2. Junior Logistics Manager 

Average Salary: 12,700-23,500 AED Monthly 

Logistics is a branch of supply chain management. The key responsibilities of a logistics manager are to ensure that the goods of customers and suppliers are safely being transported or stored when not moving. 

However, to become a logistics manager you might need relevant experience. But you can get hired as a junior logistics manager without having experience. Provided that you have some technical know-how or a relevant graduate degree. 

You can find a lot of logistics jobs in Dubai because there are three major ports in Dubai: Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, and Al Hamriya. 

3. IT support specialist 

Average Income: 7000-9000  AED Monthly 

IT support specialists provide assistance to companies and people related to information technology issues in order to optimize operational efficiency. 

Furthermore, they are held responsible for resolving technical issues, maintaining hardware, installing software, and improving IT systems. Certifications in IT may boost the salary of an IT support specialist. 

4. Web developers 

Average Salary: 8,400-15,100 AED per Month 

The website you are reading this article on is also a workpiece of a web developer. The art of creating the backend of websites lies in the hands of a web developer. 

Usually, web developer jobs in Dubai do not require experience. So, as a fresher, you can apply for this position. An associate degree is not really important but skills are a highly important factor for this job. 

5. Dental Hygienist 

Average Income: 6,020-9,800 AED Monthly 

A dental hygienist is responsible for taking X-rays, teeth cleaning, and setting the stage for dentists. 

This is a high-paying job that does not require work experience but the education requirement is an associate degree in dental hygiene. 


Now, that you have a list of high-paying jobs in Dubai for freshers, it’s time for you to apply in any of these according to your personal interest or relative work field.