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Latest How To Find Part-Time Jobs in Dubai? A Quick Guide 👇

We have brought a quick yet complete guide on how to find part-time jobs in Dubai for you. So, if you are looking for part-time jobs in Dubai, then this article is for you. 

Dubai is one of the most attractive places in the world. Hence, it has a lot of job opportunities too. There are millions of people who come to Dubai for work, you can be one of them too. 

Finding part-time jobs in Dubai and other cities can be very helpful for those who want to convert their time into some good money. Although Dubai is famous for providing well-paid and profitable jobs, there are many hardworking people doing part-time jobs for secondary income. 

In this article, we got some useful information about part-time jobs in Dubai. For example, is it legal to work part-time in Dubai, what is the best website to find a job in Dubai, what Jobs are in demand in Dubai, etc. 

Is it legal to work part-time in U.A.E? 

The very first question that comes in mind regarding part time work is: is it legal to work part time in U.A.E? 

Well, the shortest answer to this question is, YES. However, there are some conditions under which you can work part-time in Dubai. 

First, you will need to get a temporary work permit. Usually, these work permits are issued to the people who have jobs for a period no longer than 06 months. The Ministry of Labor is responsible for providing these part-time work permits to the people who want to work part-time along with their full-time jobs. 

The second thing that you will need is a no-objection certificate. This certificate will be issued from both employers, i.e. the one for whom you are working full-time and the one for whom you will work part-time. 

There is no shortage of part-time jobs in Dubai. Provided that you have some professional skills and certifications. For sure, the demand for professional and skilled men will always be high in the industry. 

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What part-time jobs are in demand in Dubai? 

Below, you will find the most in demand part time jobs in Dubai. 

1. Media Jobs: Creative and Design 

The most desired part-time jobs are in the field of Media. Typical jobs included in this field are web designers, web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, etc. 

2. Translation Jobs 

Because people from around 170 different countries work in Dubai hence, translator and interpreter jobs are always in demand. 

3. Tour Guide 

Since Dubai is a dream destination for tourists, a great number of people come here on their holidays. During this season, tour guides can earn a lot of money. 

Also, there are more different in-demand part-time jobs in Dubai. These include social media experts, tutors, instructors, call center jobs in Dubai, etc. 

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What is the best website to find a job in Dubai? 

Also, we have brought top 8 websites to find a job in Dubai. Check these out. 

  1. LinkedIn 
  2. Gulf Talent 
  3. Indeed 
  4. Bayt 
  5. Laimoon 
  6. Monster Gulf 
  7. Naukri Gulf 
  8. Oliv 

This quick guide on how to find part time jobs in Dubai is surely going to help you in finding your desired job.