+ Top Companies for Jobs In U.A.E Opportunities in the UAE

Latest Top Companies for Jobs In U.A.E 👇

The United Arab Emirates is one of the highest financial and business hubs in the world. Dubai, the busy city of the United Arab Emirates is filled with opportunities for those who are looking for a job. There are dozens of Top Companies for Jobs In U.A.E out there that are always looking to expand a bit more by recruiting skilful and useful employees. 

You can be their next useful member and get your shoes into your dream job in U.A.E. You just have to specify your niche and browse in your specified field. There are a few Top Companies for Jobs In U.A.E that are open for multiple job positions and you may find them useful to establish your career. 

List of Top Companies For Jobs In U.A.E 

Lets discuss the Top Companies For Jobs In U.A.E for the year 2021. 

1. Parsons 

Parsons is one of the famous companies in the United Arab Emirates. Right now, parsons have over 200 job openings. This already established company is a general engineering consultancy that has almost 500 employers working at the same time. 

Parsons is recruiting employees for different types of jobs. you can find On-Road, Office work, Outdoor jobs, and many other types. You can either sign up for the work inspector of drainage and utilities or Road. 

2. Al-Futtaim Group 

This retail and wholesale marketplace in the United Arab Emirates is a famous brand. Al-Futtaim group has 65+ job vacancies right now. This company is recruiting employees in different departments. You can either sign up for Marketing Executive or Merchandise Analyst. 

These are just a few departments to mention. You can sign up from marketing to managing staff wherever your expertise lies. 

This group of innovative sellers carries every category starting from civil marketing & products to foods & beverages. Find your perfect spot and start building your career at Al-Futtaim Group. 

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3. Man Power Groups – Middle East 

Man Power Groups – Middle East has 30+ job openings right now. They are looking for talented employees that can manage their work chores. Senior marketing executive, project manager, communication specialists, and so many other work fields have vacancies right now. This company has about 50 employee capacity in the middle east section. It is smoothly growing over time and it can be one of the best companies to sign up as an employee and start working from now. 

4. iTalent 

iTalent is a human resources outsourcing company based in the United Arab Emirates. This company has around 9-10 employee capacity. This company is in search of proposal coordinators and managers to expand their business. 

There are a lot more job department vacancies issued by iTalent recently. 

5. Honey Well 

Honey well is a general Engineering Consultancy in Oman that is recruiting employees in Sr Account manager and other job departments 

This company has around 500 employee capacity right now. 

Conclusion on Top Companies for Jobs In U.A.E 

Before you search for a perfect job and submit a resume to an anonymous company in the middle east. There are a few top-rated companies with over 100 job vacancies. Over 100 vacancies double the chances of getting your job in U.A.E just if you search for one matching your expertise.