Storekeeper jobs in Dubai FMCG Wholesale trading company on immediate basis

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Postion Title:

Store Keeper


Consumer Goods


Not Mentioned



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Skills & Abilities

Strong organizational skills
Attention to detail
Excellent Communication skills

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Store Keeper:


2-5 years


Not Mentioned

A competent storekeeper must have an impeccable eye for detail and be adept at managing stock levels, conducting regular audits, and ensuring the accurate labeling and packaging of goods. But it doesn't stop there - they also need to closely monitor expiration dates and rotate stock accordingly to avoid wastage.

One often overlooked aspect of a storekeeper's responsibilities is their critical role in optimizing efficiency in the supply chain process. By accurately forecasting demand patterns, storekeepers can ensure timely orders are placed with suppliers, preventing out-of-stock situations or excessive inventory build-up. Additionally, they need to collaborate closely with other departments such as purchasing and sales to create effective strategies for reducing costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Moreover, good communication skills are essential for a storekeeper. They need to effectively liaise with drivers for timely delivery/pick-up schedules or communicate any issues related to damaged or incorrect items received from suppliers. This open line of communication not only helps resolve problems promptly but also contributes to building stronger relationships within the supply chain network.

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