Textiles industry has announced Tailor jobs in Dubai on immediate basis - 2023

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3000 AED - 3500 AED

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Adaptability and Versatility
Effective Communication
Social Media Savviness

Job Requirements

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2-5 years


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In the bustling city of Dubai, tailors play a crucial role in ensuring individuals don perfectly fitted garments that embrace their unique style. With an increase in demand for tailor-made clothing to match the cosmopolitan fashion trends, the responsibilities of a tailor have evolved to become more multifaceted and creatively challenging. A talented tailor in Dubai not only needs to possess exceptional sewing and pattern-making skills but also must have an eye for detail and a deep understanding of various fabrics and garment construction techniques.

One of the primary tasks of a tailor is to take accurate measurements of clients' bodies, considering factors like posture and body shape to ensure precise fittings. However, this is just the beginning as tailors are then faced with conceptualizing designs based on clients' preferences while considering fashion principles and trends. They need to meticulously cut fabric pieces, ensuring minimal waste while maintaining flawless precision. Skillfully operating sewing machines and other specialized equipment is also vital for them to transform these pieces into beautifully tailored clothing that fits like a second skin.

Furthermore, tailors are entrusted with altering existing garments or repairing damaged ones that require their expertise. Their proficiency in carrying out adjustments seamlessly can enhance customers' satisfaction immensely by reviving beloved old outfits or transforming ill-fitting attire into flattering ensembles. In addition, they may provide valuable recommendations on fabric selection or even suggest minor design amendments for an improved overall look.

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