We are looking for Aircraft Painter in Dubai to join our team on urgent basis

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Postion Title:

Aircraft Painter




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



2500 AED - 3000 AED

Skills & Abilities

Understanding of painting materials
Collaborative mindset
Attention to detail

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Aircraft Painter:


1-2 years


Not Mentioned

Aircraft painters play a crucial role in maintaining the visual aesthetics and integrity of planes, ensuring they are not only safe to fly but also visually appealing. Located in Dubai, one of the world's busiest aviation hubs, aircraft painters have a unique responsibility to uphold the city's reputation as a global leader in the industry.

Beyond simply applying coats of paint, aircraft painters must possess an intricate understanding of various painting techniques and materials suitable for different parts of an aircraft. They meticulously follow blueprints and instructions to ensure precise color matching and uniformity throughout the plane's exterior. Moreover, they must be well-versed in safety procedures while handling hazardous chemicals used during surface preparation and painting processes. In Dubai's competitive aviation market, these professionals face more pressure than ever to deliver flawless results quickly while adhering to strict quality standards.

Given Dubai’s soaring temperatures and arid climate, aircraft painters here encounter additional challenges not found in other locations. High temperatures can affect both paint adhesion and drying times, demanding even greater attention to detail from these skilled individuals. Additionally, the abrasive desert sand particles carried by winds can cause damage to painted surfaces over time. Therefore, constant monitoring and necessary touch-ups are essential for preserving the appearance of planes operating out of Dubai.

How to Apply

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