We are looking for Grocery Clerk to join us in Sharjah (UAE)

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Postion Title:

Grocery Clerk




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



3000 AED - 3500 AED

Skills & Abilities

Customer Service Excellence
Multitasking Abilities
Attention to Detail

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Grocery Clerk :


1-2 years


high school certificate

If you've ever walked into a grocery store, chances are you've encountered the friendly face of a grocery clerk helping customers with their needs. In Dubai, where the grocery business is thriving, the responsibilities of a grocery clerk go beyond simply scanning items at the checkout counter. These individuals play an integral role in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring shelves are well-stocked and organized, and maintaining an inviting shopping environment.

One of the key responsibilities of a grocery clerk in Dubai is to assist customers in finding products they need. From suggesting alternatives for out-of-stock items to offering advice on suitable options for specific dietary requirements or preferences, these clerks act as invaluable resources for shoppers seeking assistance amidst numerous choices. Their knowledge of product locations and familiarity with store layouts allows them to guide customers efficiently throughout the aisles, contributing to an overall positive shopping experience.

Moreover, beyond helping customers locate products on their lists, grocery clerks also bear the responsibility of keeping store shelves fully stocked and neatly arranged. Regular restocking ensures that popular items are always available for purchase without delay and minimizes frustration on the part of both shoppers and store management alike. This requires attention to detail and efficient inventory management skills to continuously monitor stock levels, remove expired or damaged goods from shelves promptly, and order new supplies as necessary - all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing display within their designated areas.

How to Apply

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