Security Guard Required for School in Dubai

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Postion Title:

Security Guard




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



3000 AED - 3500 AED

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Security Guard :


less than 1 year


Not Mentioned

A security guard's job is to ensure the protection and safety of the premises, people, or items under their supervision. In a school setting, a security guard's role becomes critical in maintaining a secure and safe environment for students, teachers, and staff members. The primary responsibility of a school security guard is to monitor the facility's premises and prevent any unauthorized access or suspicious activities that could compromise students' safety.

In addition to monitoring and maintaining school security protocols, guards also need to be adept at handling emergency situations such as fires, natural disasters, or medical emergencies. They should have basic first-aid knowledge and be capable of providing immediate assistance to those in need. School security guards should also pay close attention to any bullying incidents or other forms of harassment that may occur on campus. They must report these incidents promptly so that appropriate action can be taken by school administrators.

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