Material Handler Required for Warehouse in Dubai 2023

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Postion Title:

Material Handler




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



3000 AED - 3500 AED

Skills & Abilities

Efficiency and Organization
Technical Expertise
Safety Consciousness

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Material Handler:


1-2 years


Not Mentioned

Working as a Material Handler in Dubai's bustling warehouse scene entails a myriad of responsibilities that keep the wheels of logistics turning smoothly. One cannot underestimate the crucial role played by these professionals in efficiently managing and organizing incoming and outgoing shipments. From receiving goods to ensuring their proper storage and safe delivery, Material Handlers are the unsung heroes behind seamless supply chain operations.

One key responsibility is inventory management, which involves accurately tracking stock levels and ensuring sufficient quantities are always maintained. By using state-of-the-art technologies like barcode scanners or radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, Material Handlers can easily identify products, locate them within the warehouse, and update inventory data in real time. Not only does this maximize efficiency but also minimizes costly errors such as stockouts or overstocking.

Additionally, Material Handlers play an important role in maintaining workplace safety standards. They must inspect incoming materials for any damages or defects, report them immediately, and ensure proper protocols are followed to prevent accidents or product contamination. This level of diligence ensures that physical harm is minimized not only to employees but also prevents potential damage that may impact customer satisfaction if defective products were distributed unwittingly.

How to Apply

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