Walk in interview for Cargo Loader jobs in Sharjah 2023

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Postion Title:

Cargo Loader




Not Mentioned



Expiry Date:



2000 AED - 2500 AED

Skills & Abilities

Cargo loading can be physically demanding
Attention to Detail

Job Requirements

Following are the job requirements for Cargo Loader :


1-2 years


Not Mentioned

Cargo loaders play a crucial role in the fast-paced world of logistics, and Dubai is no exception. With its booming economy and major hub for transportation, cargo loaders in Dubai hold significant responsibilities that ensure the smooth flow of goods and services. These professionals are responsible for loading and unloading cargo from various modes of transport such as ships, airplanes, and trucks.

To excel in this role, cargo loaders need to possess exceptional physical fitness and manual dexterity. They often work in demanding environmental conditions, lifting heavy objects and efficiently organizing them in limited space. In addition to their physical prowess, cargo loaders also have to be highly organized individuals who can keep track of multiple shipments simultaneously.

Moreover, attention to detail is paramount when handling different types of cargo ranging from fragile items to hazardous materials. Cargo loaders must demonstrate competence in following safety protocols by properly securing loads using straps or ropes to prevent damage during transit. Their keen eye ensures that items are placed accurately on pallets or containers according to weight distribution guidelines.

How to Apply

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